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Lone Star Magazine

Lone Star is the official magazine for members of the Porsche Club of America, Lone Star Region.

The magazine was called PorscheNaut until 2013 when the name was changed to Lone Star.

Previous issues:

2021 The Lone Star Issue 7, Issue 8 Issue 10,

2020 The Lone Star Issue 5, Issue 6

2019 The Lone Star Spring, Summer, Winter, Issue 4

2018  No issues of The Lone Star published.

2017 The Lone Star February

2016  The Lone Star April,  June,  September

2015  The Lone Star April,  July,  September,  December

2014  The Lone Star February,  April,  June,  October,  December

2013  PorscheNaut April,  December

2012  PorscheNaut January,  May,  August,  October,  December

2011  PorscheNaut January,  February,  April-May,  September,  November

2010  PorscheNaut January,  February,  March,  April-May,  June,  July,  August, October,  NovemberDecember

2009  PorscheNaut September,  October,  November

2008  PorscheNaut December

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LSRPCA Magazine Editor

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