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Car Control School

If you would like to be more comfortable and masterful of your driving environment, have a new driver in the household, or simply wish to explore your vehicle’s capabilities, the Lone Star Region PCA has a program just for you! Our world -class Car Control School (CCS) is not only educational…. it is FUN!

This single-day instructional activity provides you with skills that apply both to everyday driving and spirited driving. We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your vehicle, no matter what situation arises.

Some of the skills we build through exciting drills:

      • Vision: Where are you focusing your attention?
      • Proper Seating Position and Steering Wheel Control
      • Vehicle Weight Transfer and Balance
      • Accident Avoidance and “Slippery” Situations

It is one of the few Lone Star Region PCA activities open to licensed drivers below the age of 18 (participants must have a valid Driver’s License), and it can be an excellent activity for a parent and a new driver, or a small group of young drivers entering this critical phase in their lives. Participants will be paired with a group of experienced instructors, who will lead you through a day of thrilling discovery in a parking-lot course. This is not a racing school. This event teaches you the skills and techniques necessary to properly control your daily driver or high-performance car. You will have fun in a safe environment while learning to be a better and more competent driver. This program is open to all car makes/models to assure everyone in Houston has the opportunity.

David Diulus - Car Control School

LSRPCA Car Control School

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