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High Performance Driver's Education

What is HPDE?

High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) or more commonly known as Drivers Education (DE) events, are opportunities for you to drive your car in a safe, controlled environment in a track setting. These are NOT racing events.

Lone Star Region PCA DE’s are instructed by a group of nationally certified, experienced, and dedicated instructors (Coaches) who are instrumental in assuring all participants and their vehicles stay safe while developing highly tuned drivers. We have one of the most sophisticated and complete DE programs in the country and are passionate about developing every driver to the highest level they desire. more…



 by: Jennifer Cranford 

January 19-20 2019

I finally experienced my first Lone Star Region PCA DE and the first time using my own car at a track event. The later brought the anxiety with all that could go wrong with/to my car given the amount of drivers on the track in a session. more…

Tra Townsend

High Performance Driver's Education

LSRPCA High Performance Driver's Education

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Events are open to everyone!



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Austin Schnell Fests

Circuit of the Americas

these events are not just for Porsche or BMW Drivers – drivers of every make are invited to participate, and membership in PCA or BMW-CCA is not necessary.

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Upcoming LSR PCA HPDE Events

  • HPDE COTA -Advanced Solo HPDE and “Carrera of the Americas” PCA Club Race

    February 28, 2020 - March 1, 2020  
    9201 Circuit of the Americas Blvd, Austin, TX 78617

    Advanced Solo HPDE and “Carrera of the Americas” PCA Club Race.

    • As the name implies, this is not an instructed event because so many of our instructors are club racers. So, it’s open to solo-only drivers.
    • We’ll have two run groups of HPDE and two Club Race run groups.
    • Registration open TBD – about six weeks in advance – it’ll be the same date that PCA Club Racing sets as the registration opening date for the Club Race.

    Registration: http://cota.clubregistration.net

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