Election Bylaws – Lone Star Region Porsche Club

Lone Star Region Election Bylaws

ARTICLE VI Elections

1. The Elected Officers and Directors shall serve terms of approximately one year, starting on the date when the Board approves the results of the Elected Officer election as noted below and ending when the Board approves the Elected Officer election for the immediately following year.

2. By September 15, the Board shall appoint a nominating committee of three (3) board members who are not Elected Officers for the purpose of selecting candidates for Elected Officer positions for the next term. This committee shall submit a slate of one or more candidates for each Elected Officer position for the next term at the October membership meeting. Nominations from the floor will also be accepted at the October meeting if seconded. If a member of such nominating committee is nominated for an Elected Officer position, he or she shall then resign from the nominating committee. The Secretary shall make all necessary arrangements to inform the members of the names and qualifications of the nominees before the voting begins as noted below.

3. The voting period shall begin by November 1 of each year. Each Club Member and family member in good standing shall have the opportunity to vote for the Page 8 of 10 new Elected Officers of the Club in late October and/or early November of each year. Such voting shall be accomplished either via ballots at a membership meeting to be held in early November, via ballots published in the Club’s official publication and mailed, or via electronic ballots, or by any combination of those methods, as specified by the Board. Provisions for write-in candidates shall be made and such votes shall be counted so long as the person receiving such a vote is a member in good standing. The voting period will end at noon on November 15. After the voting period, the nominating committee shall examine the votes for validity, determine the candidates receiving the largest number of valid votes and present the results of the voting to the Board at the start of the December meeting for approval. A tie shall be broken by the toss of a coin by the nominating committee. As soon as possible after the election, and before December 30, the current Elected Officers shall meet with the new Elected Officers for the purpose of turning over the club records and assets as required.

4. If a vacancy occurs at any position on the Board, including Elected Officers, during a year the remaining Directors shall elect to the Board an available member.

5. Any nomination for national recognition or national office, in response to solicitation by the national club, shall be made by a vote of the Board.