Volunteers Needed!

By Steven Bukoski, President LSRPCA

The 2018 Board is eager to jump-start a couple of initiatives to continue building excitement and passion within the club. The initiatives are our beloved publication, “The Lone Star” and membership programs. These programs are incredibly important because they bring great value to the membership. With membership growing, we will have stronger resources to improve event quality, quantity, diversity, and value… and more people with which to share! The strength of the region comes from all of you!

Growth Challenges

We need “The Lone Star” to share our region successes, and nationally, to drive excitement within our PCA Community. If you are like me, you enjoy receiving “The Lone Star” that features all of you and your Porsche cars. Unfortunately, we haven’t published an issue in quite a while for the following reasons.

This is partially due to efforts to coordinate a new magazine format along with other communications including the new region logo, the new website, the new monthly digital newsletter “Blinken”, an updated calendar and updating process, as well as the compounding challenges of expanding region resources to produce these endeavors. These efforts were ambitious, which we knew when they were first started.


Thanks, Michael

Additionally, we became fully aware of how much our Chief Editor, Michael Phifer, was depended on to produce and publish the “The Lone Star”. Michael has been the Chief Editor of the “The Lone Star” for the past 5 years, including the previous generation newsletter “Porschenaut.” He and “The Lone Star” were nationally recognized by PCA in 2017 for quality and evolution.

This large responsibility is simply too much for one person and has become increasingly difficult to engage writers and photographers to produce articles.

Publishing Team

In order to produce and sustain a quality quarterly magazine, we need help from members to build an appropriate staff.

Volunteers need not be professional magazine editors, writers, and such. We simply need folks like you that have a passion to share human interest stories, exciting event happenings, and technical details surrounding our Porsche Community.

As a team, this staff will utilize various other resources to edit the core material into the polished, published gem we envision.  Here are some roles we feel are needed to provide the basis of the “Lone Star” Team:

  • Chief Editor
  • Assistant Editor(s)
  • Writers
  • Photographers
  • Advertising Account Manager

Membership Team

As our membership grows, special attention is required to assure members continue to be treated like family. To do so, we need to reach out to new “family” members and ensure all existing members are offered opportunities they expect and desire.

Our Membership Chair, Hector Martinez, and his family do a lot for the Lone Star Region PCA, however, we have reached a point where we simply need a small team to take a more organized approach on how we reach out and maintain these touch points.

Ron Martin, our Member at Large, is working with Hector to develop a structured plan on how a few volunteers can make a couple of calls each month to assure we keep members engaged, and to reach out on a personal level to assure Members feel welcome at our many diverse events.

These roles are critical to our growth and success, and we need your help to keep us Lone Star strong!

Our Strength Comes from You!

If you have interest in making “The Lone Star” our next big story, being a part of the new Membership Team, or desire to use your organizational and leadership skills in any of our expanding programs, please contact Ron Martin or myself to learn more about these roles, and what you can do to help.

I look forward to seeing and meeting you soon at our next event!

– Steven