What better way to welcome the spring season than to enjoy some spirited driving in your fabulous Porsche!

By Nicole Goldman

On April 7th at 8:30 AM members of the Lone Star Region Porsche Club of America met for the ninth annual Bluebonnet Tour at the Chappell Hill Deli and Bakery on U.S. 290. We left Houston early in the morning at a temperature of 67° F. When we arrived in Chappell Hill the temperature had dropped to 58° F and the temperature kept going down to 45° F for the rest of the day. A strong wind made it feel even colder. Brrr! Considering the cold temperatures, and the sky is dull grey and somber for the whole day, nobody left early. We all finished this fabulous tour organized by George Bishop. This is George’s ninth time in a row putting together the annual event.

Chappell Hill Deli and Bakery

We left the Chappell Hill Deli and Bakery at 8:45 AM to enjoy the approximately 150 miles of dramatic and sweeping driving that scrawls around the Brenham area in Washington County. Driving through rolling hills, pastures, stands of oaks and blooming wildflowers, just a few miles from the city limits is such a treat. Our first stop on the tour was an exciting visit to Rennsport Porsche Works founded by the legendary Mike Callas. They have been in the business in the same location since 1978 and offer from all-out race preparations to daily driver maintenance. We were welcomed with delicious homemade 365 cookies, fresh fruits, cheese, and crackers. After visiting this extraordinary workshop, we continued our drive through the wildflower fields.

Rennsport Porsche Works

We were going to visit some painted churches along the way. These churches were built in the late 1800s or early 1900s and are painted and decorated inside. Some were painted by travelers as a gesture of appreciation for services the church provided. The Saints Cyril and Methodius Church in Dubina was the first painted church we visit. Dubina is a small unincorporated community in Fayette County, Texas. It currently is home to a population of about 44 persons, but it was once a thriving community. It was the first Czech settlement in Texas and dates from 1856. The St. Mary Catholic Church in High Hill was the second painted church we visited. With its ornate design, paintings and stained-glass windows, St. Mary is known as the Queen of the Painted Churches and is visited by hundreds of visitors every year.

The Painted Churches

We continued our tour and stopped for lunch at The Red Vault Bistro in Flatonia. This is an old 135-year-old building that once was a bank. There is a red brick vault inside the building; hence, the origin of the name Red Vault. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch and we all had so much to talk about after the first half of this freaking cold Bluebonnet Tour.

The Red Vault Bistro in Flatonia

Back on the road after lunch and on our way to visit the Antique Rose Emporium, the recipient of the great Rosarian Garden Hall of Fame. A lovely place to walk through with a wide assortment of roses and other blooming and non-blooming plants and flowers.

The beautiful flowers

For some of us, this was the end of the Bluebonnet Tour. For others, the next stop was dinner at Las Americas Latin Cuisine restaurant at 301 St. Charles in Brenham, Texas.

Again, many thanks to George Bishop! This was an absolutely wonderful day out for the Bluebonnet Experience.

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