LSRPCA Members Party at Momentum Porsche

Porsche 1948 - 2018

When Ferdinand Porsche first started in Stuttgart he created a company to consult in the automotive industry. Porsche’s first consulting project became one of the most successful German cars of all time, a car for the people or the Volkswagen Beetle. Capitalizing on the success of the beetle, Porsche took his innovative design and created the Porsche-64, a car that is considered to be the first car produced by Porsche.

Ferdinand would later be arrested for war crimes leaving his son Ferry Porsche to carry on engineering automobiles under the Porsche name. Ferry took a look around at contemporary cars and found nothing he wanted to buy. So he created what he wanted. His creation became the 356, Porsche first production model.

The 356 is a four-cylinder, air-cooled, rear-engine, rear-wheel drive car with unitized pan and body construction. The philosophy behind the 356 was simple. Make a small car with decent power and it will be fun to drive.

This concept continues through the modern day Porsche’s 70 years later.

Celebrating the 70th anniversary on June 9, 2018, Lone Star Region members came together to celebrate the successful history of Porsche. Festivities were hosted at dealerships around Houston.

Among the celebrations for the Porsche 70th Anniversary, Momentum Porsche hosted our LSRPCA Membership Party on Saturday afternoon, June 9th. Thanks to Membership Chairperson Hector Martinez for coordinating the event, and a special thanks to Momentum Porsche for hosting!

Here is a gallery of images photographer CJ Martin took during the event.