By Hugo Zagaria

This month we decided to write a Spotlight of one of the nicest guys in the Texas Porsche community and a good friend of mine who has incredibly good taste in cars. Without a doubt, Rudy Mancinas is a “colorful” man. He is known as “Mr. 993”, and he certainly deserves that name.

Rudy Mancinas

Rudy Mancinas

Rudy joined Lone Star Region PCA many years ago and has been an active contributor for many events.

Professionally, Rudy has worked successfully for more than 16 years in the dirt hauling business. He is originally from Camargo, Chihuahua Mexico, and arrived in Texas in 1978, and is married to a fantastic lady named Paula. Paula is also a Porsche fanatic, but like me, she prefers the 356 class. “The originals”.

Paula’s Car

Rudy’s love for Porsche’s started many years ago when he bought a 1990 red convertible Porsche 964 for Paula. She drove that car around the city for several months until the hot Houston summertime. She decided that this car was not suitable for her, so Rudy bought another car for her with a strong air conditioner.

Rudy traded Paula’s convertible for a Porsche 964 coupe, and from there Rudy became a Porsche enthusiast! At that moment he decided that every car he will own has to be perfectly customized to his taste, and from there “Rudyfied” was born.


Every car collector has a list of favored modifications that they have to do to the cars they own. Rudy likes to do all of that, and then some!

At the beginning, he started collecting only Porsche 964 models, but then he realized that the 993’s were the kind of cars he was more interested in owning. So gradually he started selling or swapping their 964s for the 993s, and few years later he decided to upgrade his collection, and exchange the 964 cars for the 993 with the wide body.


His game plan at that time was to own every single color of the Porsche 964/993 generations available in the market. Rudy’s idea was not only to collect the cars, but he aims to make sure each car stands out in its own way. He loves playing with colors by matching hard-back sports seats and deviated complementary color seat belts and sometimes brake calipers. Rudy’s cars are unique!

Going to his garage is like seeing a “rainbow”. Inside his building, each car is a different color.

Extensive Collection

Rudy owns 13 beautiful Porsche 911 993s and fully restored “Rudyfied” Porsches. His garage is full of Porsche paintings, decorations, trophies, etc.  Any Porsche enthusiast would feel good inside his building!

Recently Rudy decided to start collecting BMWs, especially the 2002 Series and E30s M3s. His collection of these beautiful cars is growing fast and he has already 15 of these beautiful cars.

Rudy had done a fantastic job building this treasure, and we thought his collection was worth sharing with everybody.