The results of the 2019 LSRPCA Elections have been verified.

Steven Bukoski wins with 94.1% of the returned ballots

Tom Giertz wins with 56.8% of the returned ballots

Doug Carroll wins with 98.9% of the returned ballots

Kathy Kendall wins with 94.9% of the returned ballots

Hector Martinez wins with 98.9% of the returned ballots


The Contacts page has been updated.

The 2019 Chairpersons are also listed on the Contacts page.

Photos will be added of the 2019 Board members as soon as possible.


November 2018 PCA database for LSRPCA was used for the election.

1906 eligible voters* were sent ballots.

14.3% of eligible voters voted.

Of those eligible voters, 92 notices were undeliverable to the email address PCA has listed as correct.


* “Eligible voters” is defined as those paid current members and co-members that have a verified email address in the PCA database for LSRPCA.