HDPE at the classic Texas World Speedway

Chairperson – Tim Thomas

High Performance Drivers Education (HPDE) or more commonly known as Drivers Education (DE) events, are opportunities for you to drive your car in a safe, controlled environment in a track setting. These are NOT racing events.

Lone Star Region PCA DE’s are instructed by a group of nationally certified, experienced, and dedicated instructors (Coaches) who are instrumental in assuring all participants and their vehicles stay safe while developing highly tuned drivers. We have one of the most sophisticated and complete DE programs in the country and are passionate about developing every driver to the highest level they desire.

DE events are run at highway speeds and faster, depending on the skill level of the student. Each driver is closely monitored, mentored, and coached to assure abilities and skills are in place to accommodate higher speeds. As a beginner, you will have a Coach in the right seat at all times. Once you develop competent and consistent skills, you will be allowed to drive “Solo”, but a Coach will ride with you at least once every weekend to assure you continue to develop good driving skills and habits that keep you and others safe.

Beware! These are very addictive events! Once you start, you will be totally hooked on understanding every nuance of your car – it’s power, it’s handling, the car’s grip, your skills. Further, you will be constantly pushing yourself to be a better driver. Driving skills learned in this environment make you an exceptional street driver. Not a faster street driver, but a highly developed, competent driver keenly aware of surrounding traffic, and exactly what the car is doing dynamically at all times.

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