If you have questions about a certain event, want to make a suggestion or something you want to ask, click on the name below and you can contact an email to the person responsible for that area. Most of the persons listed are also in the Lone Star Region PCA Facebook Group, so if you participate in it, you can send them a message. Leadership wants to hear from you!

Lone Star Region PCA Directors

Steven Bukoski President
Steven Bukoski
Michael Stein Michael Stein
Vice President
Kathy Kendall Secretary
Kathy Kendall
Doug Carroll Treasurer
Doug Carroll
Ron Martin Member-at-Large
Ron Martin

Lone Star Region PCA Board, Chairpersons, and Coordinators

LSRPCA board member Autocross
Jim Hedderick
LSRPCA board member Car Control School
Alan Kendall
LSRPCA board member Charities
Lori Mauer
LSRPCA board member Club Race
Greg Platt
LSRPCA board member Concours d’Elegance
Tom Roy
LSRPCA board member Drivers Education
Tim Thomas
LSRPCA board member Driver Education – Chief Driving Instructor
Philippe Oberti
Reynaldo Pagan Driver Education – Event Registrar
Reynaldo Pagan
LSRPCA board member Get Togethers (GTGs)
Tom Giertz
LSRPCA board member Historian
Lynn Friedman
Hector Martinez Membership
Hector Martinez
Mike Globe Past President
Mike Globe
Tom Sanders Safety
Tom Sanders
LSRPCA board member Social Events
Pam Fitzgerald
Nicole Goldman Store
Nicole Goldman
Edwin Goldman

Lone Star Region PCA Activities Contacts

Mike Shassere
Chris Alvarado

Lone Star Region PCA Communications Team


Autocross – Katie Otten Samuels

Austin Schnell Fest – Pat Tomsho


David Leung Photography

Pat Tomsho Photography


Blinken, Blinken Alert
Doug Atkinson

The Lone Star Magazine
(currently open)

Social Media

Facebook Group
Admins: Doug Atkinson, Doug Carroll, Steven Bukoski
Moderators: James Garrett, Bruce Pullig

Instagram channel
Doug Carroll

Twitter channel
(currently open)

YouTube channel
(currently open)

Doug Atkinson

Mailing Address

Lone Star Region PCA
PO Box 66282
Houston, Texas 77266

PCA Zone 5

Zone 5 Representative
Jon Jones