We are fortunate to live along the Gulf Coast where the weather permits driving most of the year. But those close to the coast line know we miss out on those iconic drives found in other parts of the country. But with a bit more driving going west, southwest, or northeast we can also enjoy those winding paths that our Porsche handles so well.

The Lone Star Region PCA Facebook Group recently had three members share their backroad driving experiences. Now that the heat of summer is winding down to the… uh… less hot weeks of autumn, consider these routes when you want to take a weekend and stretch your touring legs.

James Garret has done a couple of drives this summer that he reported on. First was the Full Buffalo Route back in June. Note his terrific RidewithGPS map!

Touring the Full Buffalo Route

Then James Garrett and Scott Furgiuele toured near Livingston in early June. Read more here.

Touring Livingston

Jerry Frazier took a drive to the “Twisted Sisters” back in mid-July.

Touring the Twisted Sisters

John Ruocco suggested these two articles: 16 Unforgettable to Take in Texas and Scenic Drives in Texas.

Enjoy the cooler weather of Autumn and the scenic backroad drives of Texas you may not have known about!