Sunday, September 30, 2018

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No rain autocross

Surprise! No Rain!

By Katie Otten Samuels

Everyone woke up to a nice surprise this morning – no rain during the 4th LSRPCA autocross event at Houston Police Academy! Undoubtedly because event organizer Jim Hedderick installed rain tires on his rebuilt car the night before!

That Red Porsche

There was a new addition to the Porsche autocross grid this weekend.

BMW driver Danielle Meyers has crossed over into the world of Porsche. After purchasing it from a close friend, Danielle spent the next month and a half bringing the 1995 Porsche 993 back to life. The car had sat in a garage for an extended period of time and was in desperate need of seals and other rubber bits that don’t last long in the Texas heat.

While both of Danielle’s cars speak German, her new Porsche is a little heavier in the back than her BMW M235. The modernized 5-link suspension in the rear makes getting the roadster around the track more manageable. The two circles and slaloms definitely tested Danielle’s skills. I think this little car has the potential to be a great Autocross car with some love and investment.

Danielle's new Porsche

Lunch Time

Lunch was provided by Snow Topi. They do Asian fusion. The menu included chicken, pork, or Star fruit waffle burrito or fried rice with pork. All items tasted great! Their refreshing iced green tea was a refreshing break to the repetitive track laps.

Track Map

Track layout for Autocross 4


David Hedderick set the fastest time of the day in his always rapid Subaru STi.

Fastest time of the day was set by David Hedderick

When it comes to autocross the theme is simple: drive safe and enjoy your car. Having a dry-ish track made this event a top event of the year.

If you want more information about how your car’s class will be determined, and want to join the autocrossing fun, check out the LSRPCA Autocross pages.