By Pat Tomsho

The opportunity to spend a long weekend while participating in my passion, my camera, photographing individuals participating in their passion, driving their performance cars, was pretty much an opportunity that was too good to pass up!  The event was Drivers’ Education event at Austin Schnell Fest that took place May 19-21, 2018 at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas.

I am no stranger to Porsche Club of America as my husband has had several cars that he has taken to the track and has been an instructor, but rarely did I drag three kids to the track with him! However, I know how he loved those weekends and still does. I could see after spending the weekend at the COTA, he was not alone in that passion. As I walked through the staging areas, I noted something refreshing, lots of personal interaction. A weekend dedicated to learning to improve skills while sharing the experience with each other. Individuals were engaging in actual conversation and not locked into their phone screens.

I have quite a bit of experience with triathlon photography. Cars on a track, of course, are different, but some of the techniques such as panning are the same.  When I discussed this photography opportunity with my husband, he said, “it is all about the cars.” I took that to heart as I was allowed access to the inner track which provided a view not many spectators get. It was very hot but kept cold water in my car to drink as I moved from viewing platform to viewing platform on the track. I primarily used my long lenses for the shots (Nikon 70-200, Tamron 150-600) and most were taken with lens attached to a monopod for stability. Hopefully, I got a good shot of your car. If you do not see a picture of your car, please feel free to email me with your car number, and I can go through my photos to see if I have one that I can get to you!

Thanks for the opportunity! I hope to see you all out there again!