• Lone Star Resion PCA Get Together (GTG)
    In an effort to provide more opportunities
    for members to meet on an informal basis.
    LSR is encouraging participation in weekend
    morning meet-ups for coffee. Currently we
    have events in Spring (NW), Woodlands (N),
    Piney Point (Central), Friendswood (SE),
    Galveston (E).
  • High Speed DE
    A DE is a chance for you to drive your car
    in the controlled enviroment of a track
    setting. DE event are usually held on
    the 2.9 mile long. 15 turn road coarse at
    Texas World Speedway, located near College
    station, Texas. From time to time the track
    layout may change to provide a new format.
  • Car Control
    If you are new to the world of Porsche or
    an experienced driver but unsure of your
    vehicle's capabilities and your ability to
    control and enjoy it, the Lone Star Region
    offers its Car Control School. The
    instructional activity provides you with
    survivability skills that apply both to
    everyday driving and the track environment.
    We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your
    vehicle, no matter what situation arises...
  • Concour
    A Concours d' Elegance is an assembly of
    autos in competition on their relative merits
    in terms of coach work, design, finish. LSR
    Concours are based on the pratical reality
    that most of us have many other priorities,
    limited time, and may well use our Porsches
    as daily-drivers. The odds are that most
    of the cars shown locally are prepared
    in a few hours and generally driven to
    the event prior to a final cleanup.
    Everyone should have a good time enjoying
    their cars and meeting other enthusiasts.
  • Social
    Our social activities are one of the best ways
    we have to get folks with all of those
    unique interests together. What better
    way to meet Porsche lovers than over
    a nice meal and/or refreshments at many
    of the great establishments Southeast Texas
    has to offer.
  • Autocross
    autocross is an entry-level competitive
    driving event around a course defined
    by traffic cones. Requires very little
    car prep, time or money. You get a
    chance to walk away with a trophy and
    meet new friends at the event. If you're
    not sure what an autocross is go to YouTube
    and look up our Cone killer series.


A time trial puts you in your Porsche on a race track to drive a series of timed laps with the objective of achieving your lowest lap time. Drivers are grouped according to experience, and the number of cars on the track is limited. Because the cars are also started at intervals, you will probably not see the car ahead or behind you during your track session.

A time trial therefore combines aspects from both autocross and driver education. Like an autocross, a time trial is timed and you are driving the course for the fastest possible lap time. Like a DE, a time trial incorporates continuous lapping on an actual race track, and less experienced drivers will find time trials to be both a challenge and a steep learning curve.

Time trials are competitive, not training exercises.

NOTE: For various reasons, it is anticipated there may be no time trials program in 2014; however, we are trying to organize at least one event.

If you are interested in participating in a Time Trials Committee, please contact
Ryan Lansford
, the Autocross and Time Trials Chairman.



Lone Star Region Time Trials have been held at Grandsport Speedway in Hitchcock, Texas, south of Houston.

The actual run format has followed these guidelines:
  • Drivers will be grouped into threes and released at 20 second intervals (3 drivers maximum on track at one time)
  • Each driver will be afforded one warm up lap, followed by 5-6 timed hot laps, followed by one cool down lap.
  • Each driver will be assigned one morning group and one afternoon group.
  • Drivers will be scored based on his/her best single lap time.
  • Passing is not allowed. If you catch the driver in front of you, you will be afforded makeup, or impede reruns at the end of the day. At the point when you catch the driver in front of you, simply fall into a loose trail and complete your laps at the slower pace. Theoretically, this should only happen during the a.m. session.

About two weeks prior to the time trial, you will receive an email requesting your track experience and best lap times at those tracks (if applicable). Additionally, you will provide information about your vehicle, such as preparation level and tires. Based on this information, we will assign drivers into groups of three for the morning session. At the end of that session, we will create a lineal standing and reassign afternoon groups of three.

If you are uncertain about your experience, we can place you on the basis of your local autocross experience. Just give us some references to measure you by, e.g., your last AX event and times v. TTOD. If you have DE experience, information on the number of DE's and your run group will be helpful. And if you have zero experience? While this might not be the best time to learn the handling characteristics of your car, instructors will be available, and we can break you in gently. Please contact the chairman to discuss your individual situation. We might encourage you to save your money for the next available Performance Driving School or Driver Education event, before participating in a time trial.

The schedule for the day is:
0800 Gates open/Registration open
0845 Driver Safety Meeting
0915 Parade Laps
0930 First car out a.m. session, track hot
1230 End a.m. session, track cold, assign new run groups
1300 First car out p.m. session, track hot
1600 End p.m. session
1600 Impede laps
1700 Track closed, track cold
1800 Facility closed, gates locked

All participants will be required to work a one-hour shift. These assignments include timing/scoring, corner working/flags, gate/waiver, grid, or manning the safety vehicle.

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Click here for the results of the various time trials:


Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. Registration is online only to guarantee participation.

The registration fee is currently $80 per driver.

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PCA time trials are conducted under DE minimum safety rules and are covered by PCA liability insurance.  Consequently, a close examination of the PCA DE minimum requirements and the information below is mandatory reading for all participants.

  • You should read the DE Handbook, sections 1, 2.4 and 2.5, 3, and Appendix 1.
  • Each driver will be required to complete a DE Technical Inspection form. If you perform your own maintenance and/or are comfortable with each item on the inspection form, you may complete this at home. Note that one of the items is properly torquing your lug nuts. If you do not own a torque wrench, this is an indication that you should take your car into one of the listed service centers (most of which do not charge for this service). Either way, YOU are responsible for the mechanical integrity of your car.
  • Convertibles and open cars are required to have a rollbar installed. The factory installed pop-up roll bars on Porsche cabriolet models are satisfactory. For cabriolet models, either the top must be up, or arm restraints must be utilized. For open cars, a full face helmet with visor down must be used.
  • After June 2011, Snell 2005 (SA or M) or newer helmets are mandatory. A limited number of loaner helmets are available.
  • If 5-6 point harnesses are utilized, PCA mandates an entire Safety System” be used, i.e. rollbar, seats with harness pass-thru holes for shoulder, lap and substrap, etc.
  • Clothing must be long sleeved shirts and long pants, with closed toed shoes.  Garments should be natural fibers or flame retardant. It is OK to wear shorts when not on the track, but have light weight cotton pants (pajamas work well) to pull over when driving. Persons driving race prepared cars should wear racing clothing meeting PCA Club Racing standards.
  • A staffed ambulance will be on site. A designated fire/tow vehicle will also be staffed and centrally located. Additionally, corner stations will have flags, radios and fire extinguishers.
  • Each person will be required to sign a standard PCA Waiver of Liability, but each person is responsible for their own vehicle insurance.

Failure to comply with the minimum standards and/or technical inspection requirements may result in disqualification and forfeiture of your payment.

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More Info

If you need further information, please contact Ryan Lansford, our Autocross and Time Trials Chairman. Please contact him if you are interested in participating in the Time Trials Committee.

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