• Lone Star Resion PCA Get Together (GTG)
    In an effort to provide more opportunities
    for members to meet on an informal basis.
    LSR is encouraging participation in weekend
    morning meet-ups for coffee. Currently we
    have events in Spring (NW), Woodlands (N),
    Piney Point (Central), Friendswood (SE),
    Galveston (E).
  • High Speed DE
    A DE is a chance for you to drive your car
    in the controlled enviroment of a track
    setting. DE event are usually held on
    the 2.9 mile long. 15 turn road coarse at
    Texas World Speedway, located near College
    station, Texas. From time to time the track
    layout may change to provide a new format.
  • Car Control
    If you are new to the world of Porsche or
    an experienced driver but unsure of your
    vehicle's capabilities and your ability to
    control and enjoy it, the Lone Star Region
    offers its Car Control School. The
    instructional activity provides you with
    survivability skills that apply both to
    everyday driving and the track environment.
    We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your
    vehicle, no matter what situation arises...
  • Concour
    A Concours d' Elegance is an assembly of
    autos in competition on their relative merits
    in terms of coach work, design, finish. LSR
    Concours are based on the pratical reality
    that most of us have many other priorities,
    limited time, and may well use our Porsches
    as daily-drivers. The odds are that most
    of the cars shown locally are prepared
    in a few hours and generally driven to
    the event prior to a final cleanup.
    Everyone should have a good time enjoying
    their cars and meeting other enthusiasts.

2010 PorscheNaut

September 2010

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  • Jogre Borgmeister at MSR P
  • Porsche News
  • Family of the Year

October 2010

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  • Momentum Performance Breakfast
  • Parade Report
  • Recent Events & Photos

November 2010

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  • Boxstoberfest
  • Tourapalooza
  • Event Photos

December 2010

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  • Swap Meet
  • Magnifact House Message
  • 911 Rock and Roll
  • Fast Friends - a PDS Experience

April-May 2010

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  • A Day at the Races
  • The Tow Hook Solution
  • Coffee and Cars at Uptown

June 2010

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  • West Side Tennis Fund Raiser
  • 2010 Texas Tow-Step - A Racers View

July 2010

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  • LA Tour
  • PDS Experience
  • DE to Remember

August 2010

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  • ALMS 2010 Laguna Seca
  • Porsche Motorsport News
  • Goodwood Festival of Speed

January 2010

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  • LaCenterra Concourse
  • 24 and Counting
  • George Ranch Picnic
  • Lambos, Ferraris, Porsches

February 2010

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  • Boxster Maintenance - V Belt Replacement
  • N2 for Your Tires


March 2010

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  • 2010 Rolex 24
  • Autocross Program
  • Magnificat House Visit

April 2010

lone_starThere is no April issue.

lone_starThe combined April-May issue was published in May.

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