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Downloads & Resources

Documents and forms listed on this page are available in PDF format. Each link opens a new window.

All PCA forms are available on the national PCA.org website. Membership login required. After you log into the PCA.org site, click on the “Home” drop down menu then click on “Forms and Documents”. All the forms are available on that page in PDF or a referring html format.

For a form or document not found on this page that pertains to Lone Star Region PCA events, contact the Chairperson for that activity.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are open to general membership.

The Lone Star Region PCA Board Meetings are held at 6:30 pm, the first Wednesday of each month at the Houstonian Fitness Center Board Room on the First Floor. The Houstonian Fitness Center building is located on the Houstonian Hotel & Conference Center campus.

If you plan to attend, please arrive at 6:00 pm, if you plan to dine at the “Center Court Cafe”. It is located across the hall from our meeting room. Get your food or drink from there and eat in the food court or bring it in to the meeting room.

If the date or location of the meeting are changed, the new venue will be posted on the website.

Prior to 2016, Board Meeting Minutes were available exclusively in The Lone Star (PorscheNaut) Magazine.



Event Results

Each link below will open a results page in pdf formats.

  • 2017 – 02-25-2017,  04-01-2017,  09-24-2017, 011-04-2017
  • 2016 – 02-20-2016,  03-26-2016,  05-10-2016,  05-28-2016,  010-29-2016,  011-11-2016
  • 2015 – 02-22-2015,  04-26-2015,  09-27-2015,  011-22-2015,  012-19-2015
  • 2014 – 02-22-2014,  04-27-2014
  • 2013 – 09-29-2013
  • 2012 –
  • 2011 –
  • 2010 – 05-16-2010,  010-09-2010,  011-14-2010

Course Maps

Sample maps from prior Lone Star Region PCA autocross events.


Car Control School

No downloads available at this time.

High Performance Drivers Education

No downloads available at this time.

The Lone Star Magazine

The magazine was called PorscheNaut until 2014 when the name was changed to The Lone Star.

Past Issues

Lone Star Region PCA Logos

The new Lone Star Region PCA logo replaces the existing logo for all uses and purposes.

If you are responsible for a document, form, or any event materials, please ensure the new logo is applied. The previous logo has served the Region well, but it is time to move forward.

A big thanks to Maverick Region’s Bill Orr for creation of the new Lone Star Region PCA logo. Thank you, sir!

Download this logo file for documents and forms. Size the file smaller if needed.

Download this logo file for Internet and online form use. Size the file smaller if needed.

In addition to the two files above, there are 3 packages for logos depending on how it is to be used.

If you need a logo larger than the above two files (150 x 150 pixels each) please download one of the following packages.


The RGB color model is commonly used for Internet websites, email, and other online uses. If the above image doesn’t address your needs, a package of multiple sizes is available here. All jpg images have a white opaque background. All png images have a transparent background. Download the RGB package here.


Less commonly used is the CMYK color model.  CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) is based on the process colors used in the offset printing industry. CMYK should be used for brochures and traditional print media, and where a supplier specifically requests CMYK. The size of the files are considerably larger than most RGB images. Do not use a CMYK logo file for online uses! Download the CMYK package here.

Black and White

The third package is for black and white use when color printing is not available. A common use for the black and while logo is an awards plaque, trophy, or promotional item. Download the Black and White package here.

Should you have questions, please email comms@lsrpca.com