• Lone Star Resion PCA Get Together (GTG)
    In an effort to provide more opportunities
    for members to meet on an informal basis.
    LSR is encouraging participation in weekend
    morning meet-ups for coffee. Currently we
    have events in Spring (NW), Woodlands (N),
    Piney Point (Central), Friendswood (SE),
    Galveston (E).
  • High Speed DE
    A DE is a chance for you to drive your car
    in the controlled enviroment of a track
    setting. DE event are usually held on
    the 2.9 mile long. 15 turn road coarse at
    Texas World Speedway, located near College
    station, Texas. From time to time the track
    layout may change to provide a new format.
  • Car Control
    If you are new to the world of Porsche or
    an experienced driver but unsure of your
    vehicle's capabilities and your ability to
    control and enjoy it, the Lone Star Region
    offers its Car Control School. The
    instructional activity provides you with
    survivability skills that apply both to
    everyday driving and the track environment.
    We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your
    vehicle, no matter what situation arises...
  • Concour
    A Concours d' Elegance is an assembly of
    autos in competition on their relative merits
    in terms of coach work, design, finish. LSR
    Concours are based on the pratical reality
    that most of us have many other priorities,
    limited time, and may well use our Porsches
    as daily-drivers. The odds are that most
    of the cars shown locally are prepared
    in a few hours and generally driven to
    the event prior to a final cleanup.
    Everyone should have a good time enjoying
    their cars and meeting other enthusiasts.
  • Social
    Our social activities are one of the best ways
    we have to get folks with all of those
    unique interests together. What better
    way to meet Porsche lovers than over
    a nice meal and/or refreshments at many
    of the great establishments Southeast Texas
    has to offer.
  • Autocross
    autocross is an entry-level competitive
    driving event around a course defined
    by traffic cones. Requires very little
    car prep, time or money. You get a
    chance to walk away with a trophy and
    meet new friends at the event. If you're
    not sure what an autocross is go to YouTube
    and look up our Cone killer series.

Charitable Activities

The Lone Star Region takes its role as a member of the communities in which its members live seriously, recognizing that our hard work and good fortune as Porsche owners provides us with an opportunity to support these communities.

From time to time the Lone Star Region holds special events to raise funds for charity. Members are encouraged to propose these events to the LSR Board, and to organize and conduct approved events. The Lone Star Region may subsidize expenses for these events to insure that all funds raised go to the charity.

Currently our parade lap portion of our Drivers Educational track events are being structured as charity events with a nominal, voluntary contribution solicited from participants. More details on the Drivers Educational events will be posted on the calendar.

In addition to these special events, charitable contributions may be requested at regular LSR events such as Concours and Tours. In such cases, the charity to which the funds will be donated will be identified, and all contributions are entirely voluntary.

  • On May 21, 2015 LSRPCA checked out the prancing horses at Ferrari of Houston. Combined with the $600 generously donated by our members (in April) from the parade laps at Texas World Speedway, we were able to present Star of Hope Mission with a check in the amount of $4140. For a recap of the Ferrari event, open the flyer.

  • From left to right: Vivian Camacho Winslow, J.D., Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Hank Rush, President & CEO Star of Hope Mission and Tomi Scantlebury, Charity Lead, LSRPCA.

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Our Charities

Let's Bring a Very Merry Porsche Christmas to Deserving Families in Our Area

During the year-end Holiday season we have the opportunity to bring a little joy to deserving families in our area.

  • Tomi Scantlebury will be on hand during the parade lap portion of the December 5th LSRPCA High Performance Driving Event (HPDE) scheduled at Texas World Speedway with our red ‘charity bucket’ to once again ask for your much appreciated donation to Houston’s Children’s Charity “Adopt a Family”.

Parade laps are conducted in a controlled, safe manner during the lunch time portion of the High Performance Driving Event. Those interested in the HPDE can register online at Clubregistration.net on November 5, 2015 beginning at noon. Those wishing to drive the parade laps need not register. These laps are available to any licensed driver in any street legal (or track prepared) vehicle.

  • For those not in attendance at the December 5th event, please feel free to contact Tomi at 713.598.8699 or tomi_mail@me.com to arrange for her to collect your donation. Your generosity means so much to those in need.

Houston Children’s Charity is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for Greater Houston’s underprivileged, abused and disabled children who have been otherwise left behind. The scope of their support is limited only by the availability of resources. Their goal is to leave no legitimate request for assistance unanswered.

Their annual Adopt-A-Family program, along with numerous other programs, help disadvantaged children expand their awareness and experience some of the joys of life. Helping the children of our community provides a positive outlook on their futures and the future of our community.

The Lone Star Region is currently supporting Magnificat Houses Inc. in Houston, Texas. Magnificat Houses, Inc is a 501(c)(3)faith based, non-profit, charitable organization chartered by the State of Texas in 1968. Magnificat Houses, Inc. offers refuge and hope to the destitute by creating homes where people of different mental abilities, social backgrounds, religions and cultures can live together in community. Magnificat provides a bridge back to the outside world and the confidence to cross it.

In addition to providing half-way house accommodations, Magnificat House also operates the Loaves and Fishes kitchen and the Mustard Seed Upscale Resale Shop at 1410 Elgin.

Together, the Lone Star Region members have kindly donated over $15,000 to Magnificant House since 2010

  • Tomi Scantlebury will attend the December 20th LSRPCA Holiday Dinner with our red ‘charity bucket’ to once again ask for your much appreciated donation to Magnificat House.


Lone Star Region is also currently supporting Star of Hope Mission in Houston, TX. Star of Hope is a 501(c)(3) non-denominational Christ-centered organization dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless men, women and their children. Positive life changes are encouraged through structured programs which focus on spiritual growth, education, employment, life management and recovery from substance abuse.

On any given day, there are approximately 1,200 homeless men, women and children being helped at the Men’s Development Center, the Women and Family Emergency Shelter, the Transitional Living Center for Women & Families and New Horizons. The key to the success of Star of Hope Mission is its comprehensive approach to addressing the diverse issues, both immediate and long term, that impact homeless individuals and families. This model of compassionate, purposeful outreach, coupled with community partners and donors, creates an environment in which lives are transformed and people are inspired to rise above poverty, set meaningful, measurable goals for independence and achieve them.

In April our generous members donated $600 to Star of Hope during the parade lap portion of our Driver’s Education track day.


We are currently seeking recommendations for one more charity. We’ve been asked to recognize and support a non-denominational charity that is not necessarily Christian-based. We would like to keep the support local to the Lone Star Region and welcome all recommendations. Please send your recommendations to charity@lsrpca.com.

Thank you in advance for your participation in our charity events and for your generous support.

All contributions are tax deductible.

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Let's Bring a Very Merry Porsche Christmas to Deserving Families in Our Area

During the year-end Holiday season we have the opportunity to bring a little joy to deserving families in our area during our year-end concours event.

This will be a fun way of choosing the winner of the People's Choice Award and a great way of giving to back to the community.

More details will be available closer to the event.

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Charity Tours

The Lone Star Region has initiated a charity tour activity, in which each participating car is requested to make a donation to support a Lone Star Region charity, when they participate in one of our charity events.

Check the Rally and Touring page for upcoming tours.

Read all about the May 25th Porsches and Drivers event at the Fairfield Country Club here.

Please contact Lori Lombardi to RSVP or for additional information on these charity events.

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