• Lone Star Resion PCA Get Together (GTG)
    In an effort to provide more opportunities
    for members to meet on an informal basis.
    LSR is encouraging participation in weekend
    morning meet-ups for coffee. Currently we
    have events in Spring (NW), Woodlands (N),
    Piney Point (Central), Friendswood (SE),
    Galveston (E).
  • High Speed DE
    A DE is a chance for you to drive your car
    in the controlled enviroment of a track
    setting. DE event are usually held on
    the 2.9 mile long. 15 turn road coarse at
    Texas World Speedway, located near College
    station, Texas. From time to time the track
    layout may change to provide a new format.
  • Car Control
    If you are new to the world of Porsche or
    an experienced driver but unsure of your
    vehicle's capabilities and your ability to
    control and enjoy it, the Lone Star Region
    offers its Car Control School. The
    instructional activity provides you with
    survivability skills that apply both to
    everyday driving and the track environment.
    We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your
    vehicle, no matter what situation arises...
  • Concour
    A Concours d' Elegance is an assembly of
    autos in competition on their relative merits
    in terms of coach work, design, finish. LSR
    Concours are based on the pratical reality
    that most of us have many other priorities,
    limited time, and may well use our Porsches
    as daily-drivers. The odds are that most
    of the cars shown locally are prepared
    in a few hours and generally driven to
    the event prior to a final cleanup.
    Everyone should have a good time enjoying
    their cars and meeting other enthusiasts.
  • Social
    Our social activities are one of the best ways
    we have to get folks with all of those
    unique interests together. What better
    way to meet Porsche lovers than over
    a nice meal and/or refreshments at many
    of the great establishments Southeast Texas
    has to offer.


Autocross (AX) is an entry level competitive driving event around a course defined by traffic cones. Each lap is individually timed for each driver. There is no "wheel-to-wheel" competition, and speeds seldom exceed 60 mph; speeds through the turns will be between 25 and 40 mph. A typical course is about 45 seconds for one lap.

AX gives you the opportunity to develop your own skill set, as well as learn the limits of your vehicle in a safe and controlled environment. The emphasis is on car control and driver inputs. Combined with a Car Control Driving School, your confidence and ability will improve markedly.

Beginners are always welcome, and there are no pre-requisites other than arriving with a vehicle in safe working condition. The PCA AX rules allow for any licensed driver age 16 or older to participate in AX. Helmets meeting the same Snell rating as is required for PCA Driver Education events are required for LSR events. Also, each car will undergo a technical inspection at the course. Before each event begins, there is a guided Course Walk that takes you step by step through the driving line and explains how to navigate through the cones. This is especially helpful for first-timers and those that want a second perspective.

There are many couples or parent/child combos that take turns driving the family car on the course. It's a great way to create a little friendly competition. Additionally, there are many women solo drivers that are more than happy to give pointers to new comers of the female persuasion, so don't let that fact put you off participating - besides, you know you are the better driver!

You owe it to yourself to try Autocross. It is a great entry level, competitive event that requires little car prep, time or money. You could walk away with one of these great trophies. We hope to see you soon. For more information, please contact Ryan Lansford.

    2015 Autocross Dates

  • February 22
  • April 26
  • September 27
  • November 22

  • Results

    2015 Results

    April 26, 2015

    Houston Police Academy



    Febrary 22, 2015

    Houston Police Academy



    2014 Results

    April 27, 2014

    Houston Police Academy



    February 22, 2014

    Houston Police Academy



    2013 Results

    September 29, 2013

    Houston Police Academy



    “A successful first AutoX for the Lone Star Region with over 40 cars competing. We had a little bit of a rain delay but the afternoon shaped up quite nicely. We experienced 26 Porsches and 16 Non-Porsches at the event ranging from a Boxster all the way up to a 911 GT3. The folks that participated in the car control school the day before on average scored in the top 10 fastest lap times. Chris D’Agnolo and Joost Perquin were the most successful instructors at the event, each improving their students lap times by 5 seconds from slowest to fastest. David Hedderick designed me a fast course that took up every inch of the police academy, I knew this would get first timers hooked. “

    Here are some videos from the Autocross held at the Houston Police Academy on September 29th. Note the videos show the course map, location on the map, speed, and throttle settings. One video was taken during a rainy session; the second has dried out a bit. Many of the driving techniques (slalom, apexing) were practiced in the Car Control Driving School held the day before. Thanks to Joost Perquin for providing these.



    The following are links to the AX results for the dates indicated:

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    Course Maps

    Here are the course maps for the dates indicated:

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    Venues and Locations

    Generally, Autocross is held at the Houston Police Academy.Click here for directions.

    Daily Schedule

    The following is the general daily schedule for each facility.

    GGP Autocross Schedule

    • Facility Opens - 7:30 am
    • Registration - 8 to 9:00 am
    • Safety Tech - 8 to 9:15 am
    • Driver Meeting - 9:30 am (required)
    • First Car Out - 9:45 am
    • Breakdown/Cleanup - 3:00 pm

    There will be 6-8 competition runs and the event will usually conclude by 3:00pm.

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    Preparation and Registration


    The current classes for LSR PCA AX are listed here.

    • Stock* 911/914
    • British
    • Stock* Front Engine Porsches (non-Turbo)
    • Ferrari
    • Stock* 986/987
    • Miata
    • Stock* GT and Turbo Porsches
    • X1 (other mnfr, V8)
    • Porsche DOT R (Race tires/slicks/etc.)
    • X2 (other mnfr, V6)
    • Race prep'd Porsches**
    • X3 (other mnfr, 4 cycl)
    • BMW
    • X4 (other mnf, race car)

    ** Stock means that the vehicle is in its base configuration for street use with street tires.
    ** GT/variants/non street

    Determine your PCA AX Class for National PCA events.  For BMW Club select PCA.  For SCCA, you will have to consult the SCCA Class Rules.

    Register for an LSR AX event by prepaying through the online registration system. There is a limit of 75 drivers, and all must be prepaid. Registration closes at 12 noon on the Friday before the event; there is no onsite registration. The cost is $45 for PCA members and $55 for all other drivers.

    Register for an SCCA or BMW AX event.  We reciprocate membership pricing for BMW events.  Select the appropriate host from the drop-down menu.

    Note: For PCA events, all drivers in PCA sanctioned Autocross events must wear helmets meeting the same Snell standard as is required for Drivers Education events. The SCCA or BMW standards may be different. Check the rules on their websites.

    Also for PCA events, all cars must have a Technical Inspection.

    Any Questions? Contact Ryan Lansford, the Autocross Chairman.

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    The following books are recommended for all levels of Autocross participants.

    Click here to access the book on amazon.com.
    Click here to access the book on amazon.com.
    Click here to access the book on amazon.com.

    Expert Techniques for Autocross & Time Trials
    Henry A. Watts

    An excellent book for people wishing to improve their general driving techniques and their competitive driving skills.  Also a complete introduction to solo racing.

    Ross Bentley

    Bentley addresses all aspects of autocross from safety equipment to basic car setup. His book teaches you how to choose the correct race line for your car and driving style and add to your skills by applying techniques such as heel-toe downshifting and visualization.

    Andrew Howe

    How to Autocross covers everything you need to know to get behind the wheel and start autocrossing. It covers basic modifications such as tire pressures, alignment, and dampers, to more advanced modifications that go beyond the stock classes. Because autocross is a test of driver skill, there is a heavy emphasis on driving and car control, with coverage on accelerating, braking, weight transfer, shifting, corners, slaloms, and finding that perfect line. Information is also included on car classes, driver schools, data logging, how events are typically run, and how to find events in your area.

    At a recent Houston event.

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