• Lone Star Resion PCA Get Together (GTG)
    In an effort to provide more opportunities
    for members to meet on an informal basis.
    LSR is encouraging participation in weekend
    morning meet-ups for coffee. Currently we
    have events in Spring (NW), Woodlands (N),
    Piney Point (Central), Friendswood (SE),
    Galveston (E).
  • High Speed DE
    A DE is a chance for you to drive your car
    in the controlled enviroment of a track
    setting. DE event are usually held on
    the 2.9 mile long. 15 turn road coarse at
    Texas World Speedway, located near College
    station, Texas. From time to time the track
    layout may change to provide a new format.
  • Car Control
    If you are new to the world of Porsche or
    an experienced driver but unsure of your
    vehicle's capabilities and your ability to
    control and enjoy it, the Lone Star Region
    offers its Car Control School. The
    instructional activity provides you with
    survivability skills that apply both to
    everyday driving and the track environment.
    We want you to be comfortable and enjoy your
    vehicle, no matter what situation arises...
  • Concour
    A Concours d' Elegance is an assembly of
    autos in competition on their relative merits
    in terms of coach work, design, finish. LSR
    Concours are based on the pratical reality
    that most of us have many other priorities,
    limited time, and may well use our Porsches
    as daily-drivers. The odds are that most
    of the cars shown locally are prepared
    in a few hours and generally driven to
    the event prior to a final cleanup.
    Everyone should have a good time enjoying
    their cars and meeting other enthusiasts.
  • Social
    Our social activities are one of the best ways
    we have to get folks with all of those
    unique interests together. What better
    way to meet Porsche lovers than over
    a nice meal and/or refreshments at many
    of the great establishments Southeast Texas
    has to offer.
  • Autocross
    autocross is an entry-level competitive
    driving event around a course defined
    by traffic cones. Requires very little
    car prep, time or money. You get a
    chance to walk away with a trophy and
    meet new friends at the event. If you're
    not sure what an autocross is go to YouTube
    and look up our Cone killer series.

LSR About Page

Welcome to the Web Site of the Lone Star Region of the Porsche Club of America. This web site is an introduction to the wide variety of activities and events we host. The Lone Star Region of the Porsche Club of America invites YOU to participate with its more than 1,400 members, who are Porsche owners in southeast Texas.

In choosing to own and drive a Porsche, you have selected one of the most sophisticated and powerful vehicles designed for everything from daily driving to racing. If you are a first time Porsche owner, joining PCA will give you the opportunity to explore the capabilities of your car and your capabilities as a driver in a safe and controlled environment at our driving events. If you are interested in learning more about your car, then come on out to our car shows (concours) or join us for a tour, weekend get-together, or dinner. You will be in the good company of enthusiastic Porsche owners, who are eager to make your experience as a Porsche owner a pleasurable one and to provide you with tips and technical information.

WE WERE 50 YEARS OLD in 2011! The Lone Star Region of the Porsche Club of America was formed in 1961, six years after PCA was founded to cater to the particular needs and interests of the owners of Porsche cars. In support of the PCA's objectives, the Lone Star Region sponsors Porsche Club Races, Driver Education Events, a Car control School, Concours Events, Autocrosses, Rallies / Tours, Time Trials, and social events to promote improved understanding of the Porsche automobile and driving practices. And, while excavating an abandoned salt mine around the time of our 50th anniversary, we came up with articles on the Lone Star Region from the October 1962 issue of the Porsche Panorama. In addition to an article on Hill Climbing . . . More . . .

We invite all Porsche owners who share our interest in Porsches to join the Porsche Club of America. When you join PCA, those of you in the 37 county area around Houston will become members of the Lone Star Region. We encourage members to participate actively in the various Club events. Regardless of the kind of Porsche activity you choose and the model of Porsche you drive, LSR can be a place to meet and enjoy our activities with a great group of friends.

We also invite you to take full advantage of the resources of the Houston Porsche dealers and the vendors who support the Lone Star Region by advertising in The Lone Star, our monthly magazine. Also at your disposal are the resources of the Porsche Club of America through its website. This website is available on each page by clicking on the PCA logo in the left column.

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We are BIG

The Lone Star Region is now officially the largest Region in Zone 5 with over 1400 primary members and 2300 members, when we include family and associates.

And if you wonder where we all are (by zip code):

image 01

Congratulations to William Wong, our Membership Chair, who keeps track of these things.

And if you wondered how the distribution of our members vehicles looks (thanks to Mike Globe):

image 03image 02


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